About Dr. Garvit Chitkara

  • Designation: Senior Consultant
  • Languages Spoken: Hindi, English, Punjabi

Dr Garvit Chitkara has 15+ years of experience as a doctor and has been practicing Breast Surgical oncology for a decade. After getting trained in breast oncology from Tata Memorial hospital he practiced as Consultant Breast surgeon at TMH and has also trained many students.

Dr Chitkara’ s interests are breast oncoplastic surgeries and his mission is to provide comprehensive breast care to all patients in an environment that is safe, reassuringly pleasant and comfortable. Apart from his love for cancer care, he is also an avid reader, a movie buff, a doting father to his two young boys and a loving husband.

Education and Fellowships:

  • MBBS, DNB ( Gen Surg)
  • HBNI Fellowship in Breast oncology (TMH)
  • Clinical Observership in Breast Oncoplasty in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Specialty Interests:

  • Breast oncoplastic surgery
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Clinical research

Previous Experience:

  • 2021 : Associate Professor Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai
  • 2017: HBNI fellow Breast Oncology at Tata memorial Hospital till 2017
  • 2015: Senior Resident at Tata Memorial Hospital till 2015
  • 2013: Senior Resident at Delhi State Cancer Institute till 2013

Awards & Honors :

  • Travel Fellowship to 12th European Breast Cancer Conference
  • Certificate of Achievement: Harvard Medical School for HMX fundamentals-Genetics
  • Certificate of Achievement: Harvard Medical School for HMX Pro: Cancer genomics and Precision oncology
  • Member Mumbai Surgical Society
  • Certificate Of Achievement: Harvard Medical School for HMX Pro: Genetic Testing and Sequencing
  • Member European Society of Surgical Oncology
  • Member of EUBREAST e.V. Germany
  • Member Association of Surgeons of India

Research and Publications

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